I just want to see me there
In a space where I can care
Look into my reflection
And acknowledge who I see there

Lark is a rhythm based game where we follow our feathered friend Lark, a bird struggling with the everyday, as they traverse their inner turmoils and anxieties to make peace with who they are.

When grappling with mental health issues, even the smallest task can seem impossible to overcome. Lark is about highlighting how something as simple as getting out of bed can feel like a monumental trial. We invite you to be inspired and to experience Lark's journey as they face familiar challenges.

PC or Android version recommended.

  • Unique musical experience- An original score by Sneha Deo, crafted to be both beautiful and calming.
  • Flowing gameplay  - While most other rhythm games focus on aggressive tap combos, Lark prioritizes flowing movements for a different kind of rhythmic experience.
  • Magical realism -  Discover a dreamy world where everyday challenges manifest themselves into magical interpretations of Lark's reality. 

  • Additional levels that explore more of Lark's everyday life and anxieties.
  • Navigate Lark's house
  • New music
  • Updated movement controls
  • Bug fixes

This is a demo of a game that is currently a work in progress. We'd love to get your feedback on what you love or don't love about it! Hit us up in the comments below, and let us know what you'd like to see in Lark: 

A game by:

Fernando Reyes Medina

Beverly Van Daal

Miranda Chao

Timothy Staton-Davis

Dave Solares

Eliot Cowley

Andrew Acosta

Sneha Deo


Lark v0.9 - WINDOWS 39 MB
Lark v0.9 - ANDROID 45 MB

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